Company values and Mission


Company Values

Being a family owned company is an important part of our identity. By having a strong ownership with passion and daily engagement the core values and ethics are felt by the employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the everyday life.

All business must be conducted in an honest and ethical manner. Regardless of the geographical location of our activities, Spectre has one company spirit and business philosophy.

Our business philosophy has roots in following beliefs:

  • We are customer centric and strive for long-term business relations with customers where our knowledge, competence and performance makes a difference for both of us
  • We strive for being the best in our niche - not the biggest
  • Quality is core and a part of our brand
  • CSR is a natural way of thinking and goes well beyond compliance
  • Production is the heart of our business and requires our ownership
  • We strive for excellence and continuous improvements
  • We are innovative and strive for evolution

The Spectre company values “DRIve” are embedded in what we do in our everyday life:

Show passion and commitment in what we do
We care for sustainability and act with honesty
We trust and help each other and live our value
Our performance exceed expectations - "not just to be good, but to be the best"

Mission statement

Our mission statement is a declaration of the purpose for our business: Spectre is a manufacturer specialized in developing and producing functional garments working with international outdoor sports brands.

Spectre wants to be known as a reliable and innovative partner delivering on time in a high and consistent quality- with the highest possible CSR standard. We want to be at the forefront with new technologies and production methods in the search of the best product solutions.

The customers are to experience our customer service as an integrated part of our business. Our understanding of customer service is giving professional feedback in the product development phase as well as during production. Further, a close day-to-day communication as well as short, speedy and precise answers on customer enquiries and a proactive conduct are important elements of our customer service.

The key enabler for fulfilling our mission is to partner with the brand owner on the development and production of quality functional clothing in a way that strengthens the brand image. The partnership approach refers to close cooperation both horizontally and vertically within the organization.

Spectre is a Scandinavian company focusing on a sustainable business conduct. This is reflected through a marked CSR profile regardless of the geographical location of our activities. Our working environment reflects our belief that people are to be treated with dignity irrespective of nationality, age, gender and race. We want to create an attractive working place because satisfied employees create better results for the benefit of the working place, the employees and the customers. In terms of the external environment we try to limit our energy consumption and waste, and to dispose of waste in a responsible manner.

In short, our mission is:

Strengthen the customer’s brand value by our competence in development and manufacturing of high quality functional clothing in a sustainable and responsible way