Board of directors

Spectre’s board of directors consists of three members: The present co-owner, Jacob Klausen, and two external board members with extensive experience within economy, company management and strategic development:


Thomas Folmann, chairman of the board 

Ole Graversen, member of the board


Daily management

The daily management team consists of the two directors and co-owners of the company: Jacob Klausen responsible for sales and product development and Jesper Klausen responsible for production and logistics.


Gazelle 2017

Spectre has been awarded “Gazelle” in 2017.



Every year, Denmark’s leading business newspaper, Borsen (, awards growth companies with a “Gazelle” prize. A Gazelle is defined as a company which, in the course of four financial years, has had positive growth and overall doubled revenue over the four years. The sum of the primary result over the four years must be positive.


EY Entrepeneur of The Year 

Spectre participated in the 2015 Danish version of the global and highly esteemed ”Entrepreneur Of The Year” business award. We were not elected as regional winner, however, we managed being among the best 4% in the final round of the regional competition.

About Entrepreneur Of The Year:

A role model for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is particularly noteworthy compared to other business growth competitions because it focuses more on the entrepreneurs and companies’ ability to create economic growth.  In the effort to find this year's growth companies, we have placed as much emphasis on the entrepreneur’s role, values and management – and not least, societal engagement.