Mission Statement


Spectre wants to be known as a trustworthy and innovative partner delivering on time in a high and consistent quality. We want to be on the front edge with new technologies and production methods in the search of the best product solutions.

The customers are to experience our customer service as an integrated part of our business. Our understanding of customer service is giving professional feedback in the product development phase as well as during production. Further, a close day-to-day communication as well as short, speedy and precise answers on customer enquiries and a proactive conduct are important elements of our customer service.

Spectre is a Scandinavian company with a positive view on human nature. This is reflected through a marked CSR profile regardless of the geographical location of our activities. In short we believe that people are to be treated with dignity irrespective of nationality, age, gender and race.

We want to create an attractive working place because satisfied employees create better results for the benefit of the working place, the employees and the customers.