Why choose Spectre as a Partner?


With Spectre as a partner you will receive:

  • A private label manufacturer of next-to-skin, insulation and weather protection garments for outdoor and high-performance sports
  • A two-string production platform with own production set-up in Eastern Europe (Latvia) and Asia (Vietnam)
  • Highest standards within CSR (SA8000)
  • High quality garments and professional quality management system
  • On-time deliveries
  • Competitive pricing
  • A creative partner offering innovation and technical knowhow
  • Extensive sourcing network
  • Own development of garments ("Spectre Collection" for inspiration), technical solutions and machines
  • Advanced production technology and LEAN production methods
  • Timeline planning
  • Close communication and personal presence
  • KAM function and team setup to secure partnership and performance
  • Strategic partnership
  • 100% family owned


  • In short a partner offering added value and commitment in all parts of the process

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