Company Policy


As a company we believe in taking part in the responsibility for the local society. We believe that employees spending a large part of their life working for the company are to be treated with respect and dignity. Therefore, providing proper working conditions is an obvious place for the company to aim its focus.

Our starting point is to view the business with “Danish eyes” in terms of external environment and working environment. Our standards will be set as close to Danish standards as realistically possible.

When people care for their job they are motivated to perform the best they can. This is beneficial for the employee, for the company and for the customers:

  • Employees performing well in terms of both quality and efficiency are able to earn a good salary and they generate more output for the company.
  • The customer will receive a top-class product at a competitive price.

A part of the operational profit will be re-invested in current CSR activities and a constant upgrade of the working environment standards. The aim for Spectre is to create lighthouses in the garment industry within CSR measures in the countries we operate.

One of our basic values is to be responsible as a company and as individuals and thereby the CSR philosophy is embedded in the business model for creating value and goes beyond implementing CSR because of compliance and statutory requirements. CSR aids our mission and is titled to serve as a guide to what Spectre represents for our customers, employees and other stakeholders concerning environmental and social responsibility.