As a manufacturer of products used by people enjoying nature, we do our best to reduce the environmental impact.

Resulting from being a garment manufacturer we leave environmental footprints. Therefore, we look into our value chain and production processes to identify how we can make the most out of our efforts in terms of reducing the environmental footprints.

Our key environmental focus areas are identified as:

  • Resource Productivity
  • Waste Recycling
  • Air Emissions
Spectre’s primary objective for the next few years is to improve our resource productivity. This is beneficial both for the business and for the environment.
 We have just begun a new ambitious journey implementing bluesign® at Spectre. The bluesign® system will be our guideline in our way towards a sustainable textile production, covering the areas; Resource Productivity, Consumer safety, Water Emission, Air Emission, Occupational Health and Safety.   


Spectre has interesting long-term projects going on for recycling our fabric waste. Preferably the fabric waste should be recycled into our own production; alternatively supplying other production companies. We work with various partners and customers to find new solutions to the challenges faced by the garment industry. We wish to play an active and relevant role in transforming the outdoor garment industry into the mindset of circular economy.