UN Global Compact  

Since September 2010 we are member of the United Nation's "Global Compact" to support the fundamental principles of the ILO convention. 

With over 10.000 business participants and other stakeholders from more than 145 countries, the UN Global Compact offers participants a wide spectrum of management tools and resources.

See UN Global Compact report

Why a member?

We decided to support the UN Global Compact because we needed an overall international standard or guideline for our CSR activities. The CoP report was a suitable tool which was easy to implement and covers the most important areas; Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. 

Our report "Communication on Progress" is published at the UN Global Compact website. 

 Environmental Reporting

Our focus has now turned towards environmental reporting. We wish to map and follow our environmental impact. At the same time environmental reporting will add more transparency for our customers and other stakeholders.

During 2015 we will decide from which principle or standard our future measuring of environmental impact should be conducted. This way we will be able to continually set reduction targets for our emissions and waste. This year we will also launch our first environmental report.