Spectre offers a wide variety of garments for outdoor sports, such as fleece jackets, fleece jackets and ½ zips, softshell jackets and pants, 3-layer hybrid jackets, quilted jackets and technical t-shirts and underwear. The key segments are mountain sports such as trekking, hiking, climbing, alpine skiing and mountain biking, and high performance sports such as road biking, running and cross country skiing.

Other segments are hunting, golfing and sports fishing. The products are positioned in the medium and upper level of the market.

Due to the extensive technical demands of the products a large degree of knowhow is connected to fabrics and other raw materials as well as manufacturing processes. At Spectre we have been focusing on this particular segment for 20 years and therefore we possess an extensive knowledge within this specific field of business.

The finished products are being developed in close cooperation with our customers.