The purpose of the insulation layer is to ensure the body stays warm.


The fleece products are widely used for everything from mountain expeditions to jackets with more moderate user purposes.


We develop a large variety of styles for visual differentiation and technical performance. This is achieved via the use of many different insulation fabrics with a variety of weights, finishes, looks and functionality:

  • micro fleece
  • standard fleece
  • sweater look fleece
  • blended fleece (polyester/wool)
  • high loft fleece
  • 4-way stretch fabrics with a smooth surface and fleece inside
  • 3-layer insulation w/wowen face fabrics
  •  hybrids where fabrics are combined


Insulation garments are trapping warm air pockets inside the fibres which keep the body warm. High loft garments trap more air than garments with less loft. We use high quality fabrics with low pilling to ensure the garments look nice when wearing them. Some of the fabrics we use are available with DWR (Durable Water Repellent).


We have a large range of special machinery allowing us to create many different seam types. Lamination technology can also be applied.


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