Next-to-skin garments actively pull moisture away from the body, dry quickly, breathe and are comfortable on the skin. No matter what season, weather condition or activity, this is the most critical layer for comfort and performance.

The fabrics applied are available in a wide range of weights and styles for everything from extremely lightweight to lofted weight.

Further, 4-way stretch garments offer a degree of stretch ranging from moderate for casual wear to supportive for performance. The 4-way stretch garments also cover all seasons with many different weights and finishes.

The fabrics are knitted in synthetic and natural fibers like polyester, polyester/wool mixes and natural functional fibers like 100% merino wool etc.

We have a large capacity of flatlock machines that are particularly relevant for this category of garments.

We have developed several sub-variants of flatseams for differentiating the look and to ensure maximum wearing comfort. For a technical look and functional details we are offering various special technologies such as laminated pockets and zippers, bonded seams, laser cut details etc.

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