Weather Protection


Different weather conditions require different garments with a varying degree of weather protection. Weather protection garments offer an even greater degree of wind and water resistance than insulation garments. We produce garments blocking the wind and garments that are completely wind-proof.


Wind-proof softshell jackets often have a knitted/woven nylon or polyester outer surface that provides excellent protection from snow and light rain, yet remains highly breathable. The weather protection garments can keep the body dry and comfortable in even the toughest weather conditions.


We are able to apply all garment categories with a variety of special features such as laminated pockets, zippers and gaskets, flatseams for a decorative look and a high degree of wearing comfort as well as many other seam types. In addition, we work with many different zipper and thread types depending on the functionality of the garment.


See Next-to-skin

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