The most valuable resource in today’s competitive market is the human resource. Today, we are more than 1200 employees in Latvia, Vietnam and Denmark and more are joining. Our largest production in Latvia includes >500 employees. The factory in Vietnam has reached >700 employees with further growth expected in the coming years.

Skilled and motivated employees are the first condition for a good end result. We take great interest in finding the right candidates for the job and we spend a lot of time and effort training employees to perform well in their job. We help employees with career ambitions “getting dressed” for the next level of their career path.

Training courses start on different levels depending on the present situation of the employee, and depending on the geographical location of the working place. The main areas of our training activities are:


  • Quality management systems
  • Social standards and H&S
  • Technical and vocational skills
  • Communication and customer service
  • 5S and Continuous Improvement
  • English
  • IT
  • Company values