Machinery & technology


Another very important area for us is to constantly invest in the latest machinery and technology in order to “do things that not everybody does”.

Spectre continuously invests in the latest developments within the machinery and IT industry. Besides working with the leading machine building suppliers around the world, we develop and build our own machinery to offer front edge technologies, individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

Why new technologies? For us it is a simple question to answer:

  • improving existing products and work methods
  • increasing efficiency and reducing production costs
  • offering additional value in terms of the visual design and the functionality of the product.


Our development process is a symbiose of our own creativity and technical capability combined with our customers’ creative designs. We love to be challenged!

We strive constantly not only for new technologies providing new product features but also for product refinement. An existing product might be improved just another per cent by implementing new technologies or re-thinking the work method.

We believe in controlling the production processes. This is the best guarantee for a stable quality and an optimum control of the production resources. Therefore we own our production machinery.

With a semi-vertical structure we are offering a wide range of in-house competences within the processing of textiles:

  • Construction and grading
  • Cutting masters
  • Automatic cutting
  • Embroidering
  • Ultrasonic cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Pocket, zipper and gasket lamination as well as laminated reinforced patches
  • Embossed and debossed motifs
  • Sewing (many special machines incl. flatseam)
  • Auto-sewing for quilted jackets etc.
  • Sample making
  • Barcode design and printing
  • Steam pressing
  • Finishing and packing
  • Fabric inspection machinery
  • Quality audit inspection
  • Needle detection