Spectre is a family-owned company. In 2003 the second generation of the Klausen Family, Jacob and Jesper Klausen, took over the ownership from their parents. Both Jesper and Jacob holds a Diploma in Business Administration and has worked several years in the garment industry before returning to the family company.

In 2021, a minority share part was acquired by co-owner and development partner, Dansk Ejerkapital, a capital investor specializing in minority investments in Danish manufacturing companies. Critical criteria for Dansk Ejerkapital’s investments are the selection of companies with good management, reasonable and clearly defined market position, long-term growth potential, clear focus on CSR/ESG, clear strategy, profitability, and a strong partnership approach towards external investors.

The Management Team

Today the management team of Spectre consists of CEO – Ole Graversen, CFO – Kenneth Bach Pedersen, CCO – Jacob Klausen, CMSO – Jesper Klausen and CSCO – Kenneth Rønne Jensen.


Owner and CCO – Jacob Klausen, owner and CMSO – Jesper Klausen, Dansk Ejerkapital represented by Dan Højgaard Jensen, and three additional external board members, Thomas Folmann, Michael Storm and Dorthe Scherling Nielsen.


CEO – Ole Graversen, CFO – Kenneth Back Pedersen, CSCO – Kenneth Rønne Jensen from Spectre Management is also present at board meetings.

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Thomas Folmann
Chairman of the board
Michael Storm
Member of the board
Dan Højgaard Jensen
Member of the board
Dorthe Scherling Nielsen
Member of the board

In 2022 we had 8 boardmeetings in the Board of directors in Spectre A/S.
All meetings with attendancy of all boardmembers.

BOD meeting schedule 2022
Confirmed schedule Participants in %
10. February 2022 100
23. March 2022 100
22. June 2022 100
28. June 2022 100
18. August 2022 100
25 – 30. September 2022 100
21. November 2022 100
15. December 2022 100