Timeline planning

Our ultimate objective is to ensure timely delivery.

The timeline starts with the delivery requirements of our customers, and then we calculate backward to the starting point.

This ensures a professional dialogue about the key deadlines and the consequences of missing the deadline. Often there are ways to “save” an off-track project or delivery when both parties contribute to finding a solution.

To keep our customers and partners updated on the progress of the products, we create a “Production Status Report (PSR)” at the beginning of any new season. 

The report is updated and sent regularly to our customers during the production process. If delays occur, a brief explanation is given. Root-cause analyses can help clarify the key reasons behind a delay and form the basis for a mutual problem-solving discussion between the parties in the value chain.

"We believe in close communication and frequent face-to-face or online meetings to strengthen cooperation. The better we know each other, the better we understand each other's needs."