Next to skin

Next-to-skin garments’ main function is to wick moisture, regulate body temperature, and to ensure a perfect fit.

We cater to brands looking for the next-level next-to-skin solution as we know this is the most critical layer for comfort and performance no matter the season, weather conditions, or activity. Our specialist team source only the most premium technologies, trims, and fabric, such as synthetic and natural fibers like polyester, polyester/wool mixes, and natural functional fibers like 100% merino wool.

Through the years, have developed several sub-variants of flat seams for differentiating the look and to ensure maximum wearing comfort. For a technical look and functional details, we offer various special technologies such as laminated pockets and zippers, bonded seams, laser cut details, and more.

Next to skin wear is designed to be worn 24/7 and again and again, and we strive to offer the best sustainable initiatives.

Together with our customers, we have ambitious growth plans for the future and CSR is a core value for us. We are determined to be at the forefront of responsible and sustainable conduct and operations.

Sewing of base layer garments by Spectre

Base layer clothing for different purposes

We strive to produce the best quality base layer clothing for people who appreciate comfort and functionality for an optimal wardrobe suited to physical activity. Our base layer garments are designed for purposes such as everyday activities, outdoor and sports activities.

As part of our area of production, we focus our manufacturing expertise on base layer garments for hiking, climbing, biking, hunting, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Having 25 years of experience with specializing in functional apparel we make sure to stay innovative, up-to-date, and responsible when it comes to manufacturing quality outdoor apparel.

An ever-evolving market of functional apparel

In general, fashion and apparel are a dynamic and fast-moving industry. The same goes for functional apparel. As a manufacturer in this industry, we need to think about the life cycle of our products. Therefore, we focus our specialized abilities on producing high quality base layer clothing with multifunctional fabrics, high durability, and timeless designs.

”Special technologies”

4-way stretch garments

An example of one of our special technologies is when working with 4-way stretch garments. These garments vary in stretch level from moderate for casual wear to supportive for performance. The 4-way stretch garments also cover all seasons with different weights and finishes. We have a large capacity of flatlock machines that are particularly relevant for this category of garments.

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Weather Protection

Weather Protection

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Fabrics used in our base layer garments

The different types of fabric used in our base layer clothing production are carefully chosen to create the best options for performance wear.

Polyester is very commonly used in athleisure wear. And not without reason. The fabric is highly durable, and moisture is easily transported. The breathability and lightness of weight ensure a base layer with superior performance features keeping the fabric relatively dry during sweat inducing activities.

A blend of polyester and wool will combine the benefits of the two types of fabric. This combination will contain antimicrobial and heat retaining features from the wool. The polyester strengthens the wool and lengthens its durability.

100% merino wool in the base layer garments provides the wearer with comfort due to its natural breathability, insulation, and odor resistance. Merino wool is very capable of balancing the temperature of the wearer. Wool is classified as merino if the fibers are less than 24 microns in diameter. This provides the fabric with a smoother and more comfortable feel.

The three-layer principle for optimal clothing

It is essential for suppliers of outdoor clothing to have a product range containing all three layers of clothing; the base layer clothing, mid layer clothing, and outer layer clothing. With these three layers customers will be rightfully equipped to participate in different types of outdoor activities.

The purpose of the base layer is mainly the removal of moisture. A mid layer will help insulating, and maintaining a warm temperature, and an outer layer will act as a shell to protect the wearer from the elements.

As a highly specialized manufacture of outdoor clothing and other functional garments we develop and produce designs of all three clothing layers.