Stay warm with the insulation layer.
We develop and produce a large variety of insulation styles for visual differentiation and technical performance. This is achieved via the use of many different insulation fabrics with a variety of weights, finishes and looks, eg. micro fleece, standard fleece, sweater look fleece, blended fleece (polyester/wool), high loft fleece.

Insulation garments trap warm air pockets inside the fibers, which keep the body warm, and high-loft garments trap more air than garments with less loft. We use high-quality fabrics with low pilling to ensure the garments look nice when wearing them. 

Our wide range of special machinery allows us to create many different seam types. In addition, for a technical look and functional details, we provide various special technologies such as laminated pockets and zippers.

By successfully sourcing sustainably produced wools, fillings, and fiber, and thereby using materials and certified sustainable methods throughout our production, we can provide insulation with less impact on the environment.

Purposes of our mid layer clothing

As highly specialized manufacturers we are committed to creating high quality mid layer insulation for people who value practical, functional, and timeless designs. Our mid layer clothing is manufactured for comfortable everyday wear and for various sports and outdoor activities.

We specialize in the manufacturing of mid layer clothing for hiking, climbing, biking, hunting, skiing, and other outdoor pursuits. With more than 25 years of experience in the functional apparel industry, we continuously strive to innovate, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and maintain our responsibility when manufacturing high quality outdoor apparel.

Prolonging the life cycle of garments

The fashion and apparel industry changes quickly, and the same applies to performance wear. Therefore, we strive to produce mid layer clothing with a prolonged life cycle. This is done by creating timeless and durable garments made of high quality fabrics.

The three-layer principle for optimal clothing

It is essential for suppliers of outdoor clothing to have a product range containing all three layers of clothing; the base layer clothing, mid layer clothing, and outer layer clothing. With these three layers customers will be rightfully equipped to participate in different types of outdoor activities.

The purpose of the base layer is mainly the removal of moisture. A mid layer will help insulating, and maintaining a warm temperature, and an outer layer will act as a shell to protect the wearer from the elements.

As a highly specialized manufacture of outdoor clothing and other functional garments we develop and produce designs of all three clothing layers.

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Fabrics used in our mid layer clothing

We carefully select the most fitting fabrics used in the manufacturing of our mid layer insulation.

Micro fleece is a lightweight, thin, and soft fabric. It is highly breathable and dries quickly. It works well as mid layer insulation as it provides the wearer with warmth without adding bulk to the layering system.

Standard fleece is a very breathable and moisture transporting fabric. This makes it ideal for high intensity activities. It is made from synthetic fibers and is highly insulating. This type of fleece is thicker and heavier than micro fleece. The thickness of the material makes it appropriate for colder temperatures.

The appearance of sweater look fleece is different from standard fleece. It can be described as textured and knit-like. It possesses highly insulating qualities as the other types of fleece fabrics do. Sweater look fleece is commonly used as a mid layer for casual or everyday wear.

Blended fleece which consists of polyester and wool combines the durability and insulating properties of wool with the moisture transporting and quick-drying properties of polyester. It has high breathability and provides the wearer with warmth and comfort.

High loft fleece is made from long and fluffy fibers which trap air and provide excellent insulation. It is thicker and heavier than standard fleece. It also has highly breathable and moisture transporting qualities. The fabric is ideal for mid layer insulation in extremely cold temperatures and for high-intensity activities.

Providing three essential layers

We understand that it is important for suppliers to be able to offer a complete product range which includes all three layers of clothing for customers. These layers will ensure that the customers are fully equipped for a variety of outdoor activities in all kinds of weather.

The base layer garments are mostly made to wick away moisture, while the mid layer clothing provides insulation to maintain warmth. The outer layer clothing serves as a protective shell to shield the wearer from the elements.

Our manufacturing expertise gives us the ability to provide suppliers with top-tier outdoor clothing and functional garments for their customers.