Private label clothing

Put your brand on functional garments for the great outdoors
Seventy-five years of experience – the last 25 years specializing in functional clothing. As a reliable and innovative partner focused on uniformity and high quality, it is our mission to strengthen the brand value of our partners, using competencies in developing and producing high-quality and functional clothing in a sustainable and responsible way.

Which clothes can you choose?

We specialize in manufacturing baselayer, midlayer, and outerwear clothing for other brands. Below are examples. If a specific type of clothing cannot be found, please contact us.

Where will your logo be shown?

We have a comprehensive process ensuring wishes are met. Logos, colors, and other brand signifiers can therefore be displayed according to the desires of the individual brand. 

Examples of clothing we manufacture

More examples can be found here at baselayer clothing, midlayer clothing, and outerwear clothing.

Working together

Each partnership and collaboration vary depending on the needs of our customers. However, there are some guidelines to what can be expected when working with us as a private-label solution provider.


We conduct workshops together with the customer, after having received the initial product roadmap and visual design.


In the technical design phase, we will exchange experiences which may aid the process. We will also create 3D drawings as well as do lab testings and sourcing together.


Hereafter, the style description, price calculations, and prototypes are created. Price and terms are reevaluated based on the scope of the project.

Outdoor garments for outdoor people

Our specialization in baselayer, midlayer, and outerlayer garments naturally fit with brands whose customer base are hikers, bikers, climbers, hunters, skiiers. 

These segments require quality garments with functionality. Limited movement should be negated as much as possible. Therefore, we aim to make our apparel well suited to outdoor activities. We make sure to stay innovative, up-to-date, and responsible when it comes to manufacturing quality outdoor apparel.


We stay on top of industry developments

In generel, fashion and apparel are a dynamic and fast-moving industry. The same goes for functional apparel. As a manufacturer in this industry, we need to think about the life cycle of our products. Therefore, we focus our specialized abilities on producing high quality clothing with multifunctional fabrics, high durability, and timeless designs.

”Special technologies”

4-way stretch garments

An example of one of our special technologies is when working with 4-way stretch garments. These garments vary in stretch level from moderate for casual wear to supportive for performance. The 4-way stretch garments also cover all seasons with different weights and finishes. We have a large capacity of flatlock machines that are particularly relevant for this category of garments.

Two-string advantages

No matter where your business is located, our two-string production approach opens up a multitude of possibilities. Depending on specific sourcing and distribution needs, there are strategic advantages to be gained—here’s a breakdown:

  • Apparel crafted from EU/USA fabrics can be manufactured in Latvia, while garments utilizing Asian fabrics find their production hub in Vietnam.

  • For initial and “Early Bird” orders, the factory in Vietnam is ready to fulfill your requirements. Subsequent and repeat orders, on the other hand, find their home in the Latvian facility.

  • Tailoring garments for the European market? Latvia is the go-to. Looking to cater to the Asian market? Vietnam is the ideal production destination.


To put it simply, our innovative two-string production platform opens up a plethora of opportunities for customers seeking unparalleled flexibility and a broader spectrum of sourcing options.

Impacts & responsibilities

We’re actively pursuing initiatives for improved solutions, categorized into the following pillars:

  • Planet
  • People
  • Anti-corruption
  • Reporting


These initiatives form the bedrock of our business, intricately woven into our identity. By closely integrating these concerns, we’re committed to enhancing our impact on workers, communities, the environment, and consumers. It’s our duty to address and alleviate negative consequences while actively fostering positive outcomes. We aim to ensure that our actions contribute to a world that’s unequivocally better with us than without.

In this spirit of responsibility, we continuously strive to enhance our environmental performance year after year. Our goal is to play our part in the collective effort towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.