we are b corp certified

As of December 2023, Spectre is a certified B Corporation.

B Corps are businesses that aim to make a positive impact on people and the planet, not just profit, by prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices in their operations.

Being a B Corp means that a company has met rigorous social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency. With this certification, Spectre joins more than 7500 other businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world, who are not just talking about having a positive impact, but that are making sure their impact is tangible, measurable, and transparent. 

Becoming a B Corp aligns with Spectre’s values and demonstrates our dedication to making a positive impact. It signals that we prioritize ethical practices and sustainability. The B Impact Assessment (BIA) will be a holistic framework for evaluating our progress towards becoming an ever more responsible company and will align with Spectre’s CSR strategy and targets.

“At Spectre, we're thrilled to announce our B Corp certification—a sign of our shared dedication to purposeful business. As a company, we're excited to become a part of a community of companies leading the change towards a future where every action counts. Join us on this journey where our success is defined not just by profit but by the positive change we create together.”

Jesper Klausen,
Co-owner and Chief Manufacturing & Sustainability Officer.

We are not perfect

But we are working on it

B Corp Certification does not mean that we are perfect, nor that we have achieved the best impacts. It shows that we are part of a global community of businesses working collectively for economic systems change,

Impact Business Models (IBMs) are initiatives or parts of the business specifically working to create a specific positive outcome for one of its stakeholders e.g. worker-owned company, alleviating poverty in the supply chain, charitable organization, serving in need populations etc. Spectre scores points on two IBMs:

– Our ‘articles of association’ have been updated to include clauses on Spectre’s purpose to benefit stakeholders in a wider perspective, rather than just shareholders, and the responsibility of the company board to ensure this.

– We develop the local workforce by providing quality jobs and job training for unskilled workers.


An average company scores about 50 points in the assessment. Spectre’s score is 81.2 points. 80 to 100 points in the assessment is what a company doing their business in a highly responsible way would score.

Significant parts of the assessment are devoted to product design, how a product is marketed, and care for end consumers. These areas are mainly decided by our customers, the brands, and due to our business model as a private label manufacturer, we cannot excel and score points in this part of the assessment.

The score is based on the assessment in five ‘Impact Areas’: Workers, Environment, Governance, Community and Customers.


How a business contributes to employee wellbeing, financial security, career development, and worker satisfaction.

Our score


In Spectre we pay no less than living wage, we have bonus systems, solid health and safety practices, availability of social services, career development, employee satisfaction and involvement, providing jobs and training for unskilled workers


The environmental management practices and how they affect the climate, biodiversity, water, air, and land throughout their operations. 

Our score


We have a robust environmental management system, energy/emissions performance, water management practices, responsible waste management


The mission, structure, ethics, transparency, and social and environmental impact engagement. 

Our score


Our transparency initiatives, as well as our mission lock is where these points primarily come from. A declaration in our bylaws define our company to create benefit to stakeholders throughout our value-chain and not only for shareholders. 


The impact in the communities a company operates in, sources from, and hires from. 

Our score


The points come from our ability to create new jobs, having local management instead of from HQ country, our code of conduct for suppliers and supplier assessment, and the fact that we also have women in management positions


How well a business takes care of its customers through its products and services, marketing techniques and maintenance of privacy. 

Our score


We have strong quality management systems and processes 

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