With an extensive international network of more than 500 suppliers worldwide, we are able to source practically any raw materials.

Our close, long-lasting relations with the leading high-quality fabric mills in the USA, Europe, and Asia ensure the best possible foundation for high-quality products.

We strive to find the most innovative, best-performing, and most sustainable fabric mills within each product segment, and we discuss quality requirements and delivery terms as an integrated part of the production process. We are always open to proposing ideas for fabrics and new ideas within trims.

The increasing importance of technical and fashionable trims as a way of differentiating the product from competitors is also on top of our minds. Therefore, we work with leading suppliers within trims in Asia and Europe. 

Innovation abilities, quality level, and delivery performance are vital parameters for our selection of suppliers.

From time to time, perform supplier evaluations that are discussed face-to-face with the suppliers to develop our cooperation continuously. 

Continuous effort is put into collaborations to ensure high standards among suppliers, as we see an increasing demand to comply with international standards, and that is why we aim for our suppliers to be compliant with strict environmental standards such as bluesign and Ökotex and are certified according to international quality standards such as ISO9001/14001. 


We develop together

The development of products, technical solutions, and machines is coordinated in close cooperation for unique developments requested by customers and partners.