Added value

The perfect partnership allows both parties to focus on the core competencies.

We know that our customers’ competencies are brand building, design, and distribution (and many, many other things).

At Spectre we are especially good at supporting our customers in production and quality management and services, and technical product development.

We know our limits, which is why we emphasize that a strong partnership is a foundation for the best collaboration.

We are specialists in and add extra value by ensuring

- The right sourcing  among more than 500 trim and fabric suppliers.
- Timeline planning  with production status report and follow up
- Honest and close face-to-face communication  with great respect for the cooperation
- With innovation and creativity, we utilize our experts  and make sure to support our partners with “the new and the next”

Our Value adding concept

More than just a traditional “manufacturer”

As the industry continues to grow, we take pride in keeping up with trends. Our goal is to support our customers to remain at the forefront of innovation and technological development, all while ensuring a focus on sustainable initiatives.

In addition to the core product – the garments – we like to think of ourselves as a partner offering added value to the cooperation.

We’ve been members of the UN Global Compact since 2010 and have embedded the principles in our CSR strategy. The Sustainable Development Goals are a big part of our overall CSR strategy and play a vital role in all collaborations with partners and customers. We have selected four specific SDGs, which we target extra close:


Decent Work and Economic Growth


Responsible Production and Consumption


Climate Action


Partnership for the Goals