Mission and values


Our mission statement is a declaration of the purpose for our business:

Our mission is to strengthen our customer’s brand value through our competence in the development and manufacturing of high-quality functional clothing in a sustainable and responsible way.

Spectre specializes in developing and producing functional garments for international outdoor sports brands. We want to be known as a reliable and innovative partner delivering on time in high and consistent quality- with the highest possible CSR standard. We want to be at the forefront of new technologies and production methods in the search for the best product solutions.

Delivering great customer experience is an integrated part of our business.

Our understanding of customer service is giving professional feedback in the product development phase as well as during production. Further, close day-to-day communication, as well as short, speedy and precise answers to customer enquiries and proactive conduct, are essential elements of our customer service.

The critical enabler for fulfilling our mission is to partner with brand owners on the development and production of quality functional clothing in a way that strengthens the images of the brand. The partnership approach refers to close cooperation both horizontally and vertically within our organization.

A Scandinavian company

Spectre is a Scandinavian company focusing on sustainable business conduct and initiatives. This is reflected in our CSR strategy regardless of the geographical location of our activities. Our working environment reflects our belief that people should be treated with dignity irrespective of nationality, age, gender, and race.

We want to create an attractive work environment as we know that happy employees generate better results for the benefit of the workplace, the employees, and the customers. In terms of the external environment, we try to limit our energy consumption and waste, and dispose of waste in a responsible manner.


Being a family-owned company, is an important part of our identity.

We have strong ownership with passion and daily engagement as core values and ethics are strong and noticed by employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in work we do.

Our VISION statement describes where we – as a company – aspire to be in the future:
“Becoming the outdoor sports & activity brands’ preferred development and manufacturing partner for functional garments”

All business must be conducted honestly and ethically. Regardless of the geographical location of our activities, we have one company spirit and business philosophy.

Our business philosophy

has roots in following beliefs:
- We are customer centric and strive for long-term business relations with customers  where our knowledge, competence and teamwork is reflected in a proactive behavior
- We aim at creating value for customers through the highest level of customer satisfaction  – which is the most important driver for loyalty and growth
- We are easy-to-do-business-with and consider ourselves as problem solvers.  We want to “take away the customer’s headache”
- We strive to be the best in our niche  - not the biggest
- Quality is core and a part of our company brand.  The overall quality is never better than the weakest link in the quality chain. Therefore we stand together as a strong team in an unbroken chain
- Sustainability and CSR is a natural way of thinking and goes well beyond compliance. We have worked with social compliance long before it was called “CSR”. Through our support of the UN’s Global Compact and its sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and via our social certification according to the SA8000 standard as well as our annual CSR report, we systematize the way we work with CSR and we demonstrate we are transparent and that we aim high
- The production process is the heart of our business and requires our ownership.  The ownership allows us having full control of the entire process and protecting our knowhow
- We strive for excellence and continuous improvements  in everything we do
- We are innovative, we like challenges and strive for evolution.  Innovation must be understood broadly and covers everything from the development of new products and technologies to services and our business concept as such

Our core value set has remained the same for decades. The values reflect our work and attitude towards colleagues, customers, and other business partners. The way we work is determined by our ambition to create the best possible results, a very good working environment, and ensure our customers are always satisfied. We believe satisfied customers are the best foundation to ensure a robust and long-term partnership, stable jobs for our employees, and a good working environment.

The Spectre company values “DRIve”

are embedded in what we do in our everyday life:


We show passion and commitment in what we do. We do our very best to perform the task and show loyalty to the company and our colleagues. We are always prepared walking the extra mile for the customer. Through our passion and commitment our partners clearly feel the advantage of being partners with us.


We care for sustainability and act with honesty. We take responsi - bility for our working place and the external environment and we solve our tasks responsibly with the aim to reach the best result for both com - pany, customers and other business partners. This includes the ability to reach a balanced solution in the search for a long term sustainable business.


We trust and help each other and live our values. We are true to our values, company policies and guide - lines when performing our job and co - operate with business partners and co-workers. We believe that by trusting and help - ing each other we play as a strong team to reach the goals.


Our performance exceeds expectations “not just to be good, but to be the best. By anticipating each situation, we strive to find the best solutions and utilize the advantag - es of being one step ahead. We have always had the ambition “not just to be good, but to be the best” because essentially our customers are look - ing for the best business partners on the market and only by being the best we differ from the crowd.