The way we work

As a reliable partner for producing apparel within the global outdoor sports industry.

Through our value-adding concept, we are constantly striving to improve and re-think our services. We are not only providing a product – we offer a complete package solution including a range of services and technical product development know-how that adds true value.

Our objective is to in-source as many duties from our partners as possible.

Besides traditional services such as managing the logistics, financing the raw materials and the production process, and quality management, we have extended our range of services:

Range of



Through our extensive international sourcing network, we actively suggest ideas for fabrics and accessories and work with more than 500 suppliers worldwide.

Timeline Planning

We offer professional dialogue, great coordination skills, and follow up closely on project planning.


We believe in close communication and face-to-face meetings to strengthen cooperation. The better we know each other, the better we understand each other’s needs.


Developing products, technical solutions, and machines are coordinated with close cooperation and focus on evolvement and development.