All production and development of garments are made in close cooperation with customers and partners

We offer a wide variety of outdoor sports products, such as fleece jackets, ½ zips, softshell jackets and pants, 3-layer hybrid jackets, quilted jackets and technical t-shirts and underwear.

Our key segments are mountain sports such as trekking, hiking, climbing, alpine skiing and mountain biking, and high-performance sports such as road biking, running and cross-country skiing.

We also work with other segments such as hunting, running and active lifestyle in general.

With this we are a reliable partner for producing apparel within the global outdoor sports industry.

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Seventy-five years of experience – the last 25 years specializing in functional clothing. As a reliable and innovative partner focused on uniformity and high quality, it is our mission to strengthen the brand value of our partners, using competencies in developing and producing high-quality and functional clothing in a sustainable and responsible way.