The most valuable resource in today’s competitive market is human resources

At Spectre, we continuously make sure to implement the policies and procedures that safeguard the rights of our workers on the growing scope. 

With specialist teams and highly skilled professionals in all production sites in Latvia and Vietnam, all educated for their specific tasks, we focus on ongoing personal development and keep pushing the growth.

Several manufacturing solutions and machinery have been designed within Spectre. Competencies in sewing and cutting are combined with specialists and experts from various locations. 

This enables us to support our customers, not depending on location or project scope.

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Machines and technology

Machines and technology

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Two string production

Europe and Asia – the perfect combination

Our production facilities on two continents complete our unique two-string production strategy. Based on technical specifications and quality standards it is possible to combine the two production platforms on the same style or product program, and thereby ensure the best and most efficient manufacturing standards. Much more, the two-string production strategy opens up various possibilities depending on the individual sourcing and distribution strategy of our customer.