Free Trade Agreement between Europa and Vietnam

Have you heard of the (EV)FTA? The Free Trade Agreement between Europe and Vietnam.

The agreement can ensure you a cost reduction of 12% by sourcing in Vietnam instead of other countries. It is the most ambitious free trade agreement that Vietnam has ever signed, and it is expected to have a significant impact on the country’s economy. Consider partnering with someone who knows how to fulfill the requirements of the FTA and ensures the best output—both financial and organizational

Let’s delve a bit more into the agreement itself, discussing the benefits and considerations.

Good to know about FTA:

On the 1st of august 2020 the FTA entered into force. The agreements provide opportunities to boost trade and support jobs and growth on both sides by:

  • Eliminating 99% of all tariffs;
  • Reducing regulatory barriers and overlapping red tape;
  • Ensuring protection of geographical indications;
  • Opening up services and public procurement markets, and;
  • Making sure the agreed rules are enforceable (see source: European Commission)

Why you should consider the FTA:

There are many good reasons to consider utilizing the FTA if you are currently sourcing in other countries. 

Our Purchasing and Sourcing Manager, Liv Kold Brunse states:

“The EVFTA provides a possibility to improve on profit, without compromising on CSR commitment. Sourcing materials locally ensures lower C02 emissions, shorter lead times, increased due diligence and long-term partnerships.
We have a dedicated team working with the FTA agreement, and are providing qualified guidance on how best to achieve duty-free import. Furthermore, we provide our partners with a Supplier Directory, which contains an overview of our recommended suppliers for local sourcing. The recommended suppliers have been audited and validated thoroughly, to ensure they are compliant with our high requirements regarding CSR and sustainability.
We are committed to being a responsible sourcing partner, and are looking forward to starting more projects with local sourcing.”

How Spectre can help

We’ve already established partnerships with Vietnamese fabric (and trim) mills that benefit from the Europe-Vietnam FTA. Our approach includes, among other things, visits to the factories in Vietnam. Through these visits and a close dialogue with our partners, we ensure that company values and quality align with our expected high standards. 

As a responsible sourcing partner we are able to offer our brands qualified advice on how to maximize the benefits of the trade agreement, ensuring maximum profit on their products without compromising on either quality or sustainability.

Do you have questions about the FTA?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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