LEED Gold Certification in An Giang, Vietnam

Spectre Garment Technologies An Giang has been granted the LEED Gold certification under the LEED v4 Building Design and Construction according to the U.S Green Building Council.

To achieve a Leed certification, points are earned by addressing specific topics and focus areas in the building process, looked at from a holistic approach, such as consumption, materials, health, and the indoor environment. The projects and focus areas are verified and scored and finally awarded.

Based on the number of points, the project is scored accordingly and awarded a ‘Certified’, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ or‘Platinum’ certification.

We will continue optimizing our facilities on all locations as we proceed working with SDGs, standards and certifications in the future.

highlights from the Spectre An Giang FACTORY:

The factory design and materials
​​​​​​​The factory design and choice of materials ensure a reduction of energy consumption of almost 20% compared with the basic level and it has been prioritized to use low-emitting materials for the construction.

Rainwater harvesting
Rainwater is gathered on the roof and harvested for outdoor watering systems and toilet flushing reducing our water consumption by over 50% equal to more than 13.000m3 of water. Furthermore, sanitary wares with low water flowrate significantly contribute to a further reduction of water use of indoor fixtures.

Solar panels
By installing rooftop solar panels, we have optimized the building to cover almost 50% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy, thereby reducing about 1600 tons CO2 emissions per year. An energy monitoring system tracks and records the end use of electricity in detail, allowing for better energy management.

Furthermore, the building is entirely equipped with sensor-controlled LED lighting, which is long-lasting and reduces electricity consumption considerably.

Working environment
The building design offers lots of natural light, but double glazing and special skylights prevent high heat radiation. Latest generation machinery and production equipment, as well as focus on good ergonomics and some minutes of daily exercise, contribute to a well-functioning working environment focusing on employees’ health. 

Plants inside and green areas outside create pleasant surroundings for employees and visitors, promoting an attractive local area.

"LEED certification identifies Spectre Garment Technologies An Giang, Vietnam as a showcase example of sustainability and demonstrates the leadership in transforming the building industry"

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