Spectre factories achieve Fair-Trade certification

As of September 2023, Spectre factories in Nam Dinh and Thai Binh in Vietnam are Fair Trade Certified. This significant milestone underlines Spectre’s commitment to ethical practices and sustainable manufacturing.

Fair Trade Certification, obtained through rigorous annual auditing, enhances the social and environmental management systems already implemented at Spectre factories. This certification empowers employees, allowing them to influence community projects funded by the worker premiums paid by the brand for products bearing the Fair Trade label. By embracing this initiative, the aim is not only to benefit the local community but also to nurture valuable skills, to foster personal growth and self-governance among employees.

Jesper Klausen, Chief Manufacturing and Sustainability Officer at Spectre, states;

“We recognised the potential impact of this initiative on the local community and the personal development of our employees. Our decision to pursue Fair-Trade Certification was straightforward. We are happy to collaborate with our valued partner, Arc’teryx, in this program, contributing to their sustainability goals while advancing our own.”

Our longstanding commitment to social responsibility is exemplified through the SA8000 certified social accountability management system, ISO 14001 certified environmental management system, and verified Higg social and environmental assessments. These already implemented efforts ensure a seamless integration of Fair-Trade Certification into the existing framework.

Implementing Fair Trade Certification requires updates to employee representative election and worker committee procedures. Spectre provides comprehensive employee training to facilitate these changes, ensuring inclusivity and representation in decision-making. In this process, employee representatives will determine the allocation of worker premiums, reflecting Spectre’s dedication to empowering its workforce.

“Arc’teryx is committed to the wellbeing of all workers in our community. We’ve set a bold goal of sourcing 80% of our products from Fair-Trade Certified manufacturing facilities, and this achievement by Spectre is a major step forward in achieving that goal. We’re proud to work with the Spectre team and excited to see the positive impact this certification will have on the community.”

About Arc’teryx:
Arc’teryx is a Canadian company based in the Coast Mountains. The design process is connected to the real world, focused on delivering unrivaled durability and performance in extreme conditions. Arc’teryx products are distributed through more than 2,400 retail locations worldwide. 

As problem solvers, always evolving and searching for a better way to deliver resolved, minimalist designs Arc’teryx believes in ‘Good design that matters makes lives better’.

About Fair Trade:
Fair Trade is a global movement that aims to create equitable and sustainable partnerships between producers, manufacturers, and consumers. At its core, Fair Trade seeks to address imbalances in global trade by ensuring that marginalised producers, often in developing countries, receive fair compensation for their labour and products. By becoming Fair Trade certified, Spectre, as a manufacturing company commits to a set of principles and standards that promote ethical labour practices, fair wages, community development, and environmental sustainability.

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